The UIMM Language Development Center team, represented by the Chief of the Language center and his four staffs visited the Language Development Center of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 10 AM. The purpose of their visit was to learn the management system of Language Development Center of UIN Malang by discovering information on how to manage language programs such as PKPBA and PKPBI in UIN Malang. Their visit was welcomed by Dr. H. M. Abdul Hamid as the Director of the Language Development Center of UIN Malang. In the meeting room, Dr. Syamsudin as the Chief of PKPBI opened the meeting which was also attended by Dr. Danial Hilmi, M. Pd as the Chief of PKPBA along with the management team of the Language Development Center of UIN Malang. In that moment, they visited the language laboratories of PKPBI and PKPBA. In addition, Deny Mustofa, M.Pd. as the Chief of UNIM Language Development Center said that they wanted to get an overview of the implementation of English and Arabic programs that are carried out at the UIN Malang. At the end of their visit they hoped for cooperation between the two Language Development Centers, especially in the implementation of the ITP TOEFL test and other testing programs. (BPK, ZAH)