ELC held a meeting in the lecturer room on Friday, March 13, 2020, at 1 p.m. This meeting was led by Agwin Degaf, the secretary of ELC. This meeting was to arrange some English competitions to celebrate a Bulan Bahasa event. Some competitions proposed are Bazaar, English Carnival, Acoustic, Story Telling, and Fun Magazine. Besides, all lecturers, the committee, discussed the mechanism of each competition generally, the technical meeting schedule, and registration. Before the meeting was closed, The Chief of ELC, Dr. Syamsudin hoped that many students will be enthusiastic to participate in enlivening the event.


On December 6, 2019, ELC (English Language Center) held a meeting that consisted of several evaluations; academic evaluation, the “One-Year Program 2019” evaluation and dispersion committee the “One-Year Program 2019”. This meeting was opened by Aqwin Degaf, M.A. as secretary of the English language center. He remarked that this meeting was important since this meeting covered all the activities for one semester. He also said gratitude to all lectures for their cooperation during this semester.
After that, it was continued by the head of the English Language Center namely Dr. Syamsudin. In this meeting, he expressed his gratitude to all English language center lectures for their cooperation in all activities that have carried out. He also gave an appreciation to all divisions in the English language center so that the entire programs can be done properly. At the end of his speech, he gave support to all lectures to be able to maintain their performance so that the programs and learning process could be run well.
Next is, the remarks from Ibnu Wahyurianto, M.Pd. as chief of the “One-Year Program 2019” and chief of the academic division. He expressed his gratitude to all lectures for their support so that the“One-Year Program 2019” event could be successful. He also added that academic activities during this semester were carried our well. He also hoped that the next the “One-Year Program 2020” will be even better.
The meeting was closed by eating together in the lecturer room as a form of gratitude for the completion of all activities at the English language center.

ELC held a meeting in the lecturer room on Monday, October 14, 2019, at 11.45 a.m. This meeting was to discuss all of each division’s preparation, the run-down of Graduation Day 2019, and the rules of the event. This meeting was opened by Ibnu Wahyurianto, M.Pd. as the Chairperson of the event. He urged all the committee organizers to work maximally so that the event can be successfully held. The meeting also discussed a general rehearsal which will be held on Friday afternoon attended by the committee organizers and some prospective graduates. Dr. Syamsudin as the Chief of ELC admitted that the preparation and coordination this year are better than those in the previous year so he hoped that Graduation Day 2019 would be better than before. Finally, he congratulated all of the committees who have worked hard to succeed this Graduation Day 2019 so that this program might run successfully. (BPK)

PKPBI held a meeting in the PKPBI lecturer room on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 10.00 WIB. This was held to discuss the event of Gelar Wisuda or Gawe 2019. The meeting was attended by Dr. H. M. Abdul Hamid as the Director of the Language Development Center, Dr. Syamsudin as the Chief of PKPBI, Agwin Degaf, M.A. as the Secretary of PKPBI, and PKPBI lecturers as the committee organizers. This meeting was opened by Ibnu Wahyurianto, M.Pd. as the Chairperson of the Gawe 2019. In the meeting, Dr. H. M. Abdul Hamid delivered his remarks covering the preparations of the event that should be done, services to the graduates, and main activity of the Gawe 2019 event. In addition, there were also several points to be discussed. First was each division reported the progress of their work. Second was each division should begin to focus and cooperate more such as completing the equipment, permit processing, publication, safety and health, consumption, certificate printing, etc. Before closing the meeting, Ibnu Wahyurianto, M.Pd. planed the second meeting of the Gawe 2019. It will be held in September. Finally, he hoped that the Gawe 2019 would be better than the previous year. (BPK, ANS)