On July 17, 2019, ELC held a Round Table Discussion. The discussion was led by Asis Wahyudi, M.Pd. and was presented by Ribut Wahyudi, M.Ed., Ph.D. with the title Situating English Language Teaching in Indonesia within a Critical, Global Dialogue of Theories: A Case Study of Teaching Argumentative Writing and Cross-Cultural Understanding. This discussion was aimed to represent the contents of his dissertation to the PKPBI lectures and shared knowledge about how the teaching of Argumentative Writing and Cross-Cultural Understanding in Indonesia. During his presentation, the presenter said that while the lecturers are teaching, they might not focus on the dialects of Britain, UK, and American English, they could make their own dialect provided that the students could pronounce well and use grammar correctly instead. He also opened a question-and-answer section to the audience related to the teaching and learning activities. He remarked that lectures should not be too strict while they are teaching ESP students. In the end of his presentation, he suggested that lectures should read the newest issues of journal articles so that their knowledge increases in ESP topics. (BPK, APA)