ELC – The director of language center (LC), Dr. H. Syaiful Mustofa, M.Ag. gathered all English and Arabic lecturers in fifth floor of rectorat building of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang, Monday (8/8) for meeting to face new semester learning program. After attending curriculum workshop for all UIN Malang faculties and unit, the dire

He said “It is based on the result of our meeting with the university stakeholder, we should make well-established materials, objective-based learning, and clear output. Also, he mentioned that students must be qualified in case they will achieve certificate to compete in working place. Furthermore, language center will held some improtant agendas: FGD, workshop, etc which hopefully are able to reinforce the language teaching and learning process for the new semester program that start next 22 August 2016.
In the meeting, the vice rector of academic affairs, Dr. H. M. Zainuddin, MA. Suggests that all lecturers should be sincere as lecturers. (aim)

We were happy to see children participating in ERA 2: Public Speaking where they are freely express the themes in English. All participants were delighted to employ English as mean of communication in class session.