Creating Change with a Standards-Based English Teacher Preparation Program

Standards provide the framework for a curriculum. They are the benchmarks along the way, and the goals at the end. This plenary will speak to the need for standards in the 21st century, and will provide several examples of the process that may be followed to create a standards-based English teacher preparation program, the challenges along the way, and the resulting curriculum based on the standards.

Using Rubrics in a standards-based English Teacher Preparation Program

Performance based assessment has great potential to inform both instructors and teacher candidates about their progress, but once information has been gathered, how is it interpreted and evaluated? This workshop will provide guidelines for using rubrics, specifically those in an EFL teacher preparation curriculum. It will look at what the goals are for using rubrics, the parts, and the elements of good rubrics. Participants also will have an opportunity to examine actual rubrics used in a standards-based teacher preparation program and how to interpret and evaluate them.