Load of misunderstandings about Islam has spread, followed by several illegal acts done under the name of Islam. Wars across countries and even within Muslim community have become concerns for Ulama. Hundreds of domestic and global religious leaders, then, came and discussed the issues in the fourth International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) which took place in the UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang, East Java (23-25/11).

The theme Upholding Islam as Rahmatanlil ‘Alamiin: Capitalizing Spirituality and Intellectuality toward the Better Life of Human Beings drew attention from about 300 domestic and world Islamic figures and also Sufi dignitaries. The event was officially started by the ICIS Secretary General, HasyimMuzadi.

The second day, twelve speakers, divided into three panel sessions, conveyed their idea related to Islam as a religion of mercy, integrating Islamic education and science, and the challenge of international Sufi in the global. The attendees were able to learn from several speakers who had countless experience regarding with Muslim community or those against racism in Europe Union.

Michael Privot, Director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) was chosen to pronounce Charter’s Agreement or the so-called “Malang Message”. He declared to raise awareness of the ummah on the importance of moderation, tolerance, and balance through dissemination, diffusion, and internalization. “Materialize the paradigm of Islam as Rahmatanlil ‘Alamiin (Islam as a blessing for the universe) as ethics for humankind through relevant collective actions,” he added.

The fourth ICIS was finally closed by the Vice President of Indonesia, JusufKalla. In his closing remarks, he emphasized that dictatorship is the dangerous root which led to conflicts and wars in Islamic countries. Hence, they should put best attention to state management and also state perpetrators.

Kalla added that external influence also took part in those unpleasant situations. “Especially for the superpower countries that had invaded some of the Arab countries should also share blame for the increasing radicalism in the world,” he said.

Kalla also accentuated that all ICIS attendees should actively involve in spreading the peaceful message about Islam. That what they have got from several keynote speakers all over the world should not only be things to note. Because, he added, action will be more beneficial and influential. (nd)

Thursday, 29 October 2015 English Language Center held workshop for UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang students in order to boost students’ motivation to achieve higher TOEFL score and also for English Language Center lecturers to gain further institution development through strengthening the English Language center benchmarking. The agenda was attended by the head of Language Center of Institute Technology of Surabaya, Ibu Dr. Hj. Kartika Nuswantara, M.Pd. and the English Language Center Director Dr. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd. The workshop was attended by more than 150 participants until the workshop room was not enough to be seated. All participants were enthusiaticly delivering questions and listened the presentation carefully. (aim)