Ramadhan is mubarok time for muslim to dig out more goodness from Allah SWT by prayer and many other good practices. One of it is by improving people quality in Ramadhan roundtable discussion held by ELC UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. The agenda was in the form of presentation and discussion that was led by Dian Arsitades Wiranegara under the title of cooperating Al-Qur’an with English studies. The presenter explained in detail on the content of al-qur’an surrah together with its linguistic analysis which not many people concern on it. (aim)

Office feels like home” that is the sentence that the director of PPBI, DR. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd. says to his employees. He always creates breakthrough by holding some gathering activity which one of them is having Islamic speech and breakfasting together in Ramadhan 2015. All lecturers were enthusiastically joining the program which in ashr was preceded by Islamic speech about the fadhilah or the dignity of ramadhan delivered by Dian Arsitades W. after about an hour speech, the agenda was ended by prayer delivered by zainuddin and closed by breakfasting together. The menu was delicious satay and gulay. Everybody were happy. (aim)

“Allah hu Akbar wlilaa hil hamd”, takbir spread all over the world. All muslims with full of spirit visit their neighbors to ask for sincere apology for all mistakes they have made explicitly and implicitly. “Minal  aidin wal fa izin” the sentence they pronounce to their friends, colleagues, and family. The same situation was also pictured in Sport Center Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang on 22 July 2015 which attended by all lecturers and staff and their family. Surprisingly, some very important people from the government such as Mr. Dien Samsudin made the agenda more precious since he sent his special speech to strengthen Ukhuwah Islamiyah or Islamic Solidarity and Friendship. (aim)

Ramadhan is not only for Muslim to do prayer and fasting. But, Ramadhan provides more values for Muslims who use their time for doing good and beneficial for people around them. One of them was done by ELC lecturers, Rahmati Putri and Shirly Rizki Kusumaningrum who presented their paper on the use of Internet and Computer Technology software for the teaching of English in ELC Breakfasting agenda. The director of ELC Dr. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd. showed his supportive movement by organizing such a program at least every two month. “This is very important for us as the motor to develop students’ English competence in UIN Malang” He said.  (aim)