Another trust was shown when MAN Tambak Beras, Jombang for the second time proposed UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang especially English Language Center to provide English certification for their students in Tambak Beras, Jombang, East Java. The certification was held since the school believes that UIN Malang can improve the value of their graduates to compete in job interview or any other prospective career paths.  (aim)

P4M Weekly Report with the end of even semester dated 28 May 2015
Facilitator: Bu Aninda, Bu Sindi, Pak Asis
Theme: One-Way Gate System to Language Functions: The Case of Grammar Teaching
Teaching grammar for university students drags our attention to communicative concerns. The teaching is mostly affected by current practices (Harmer, 1998), such as Audio-Lingualism, Presentation-Practice-Production (PPP) views, and Communicative Language Teaching. Grammar teaching in communicative ways goes ahead of PPP views due to material domination with no language functions. The functions refer to invitation, agreement, suggest, command and many others. The communicative approach, according to Xia (2014) is characterized by a set of ideas that include not only a reconsideration of which aspects of language to teach, but also an emphasis on how to teach. Students should concentrate on the content of what they are saying or writing rather than on a particular grammatical point. They should use a variety of language structures rather than just a single language structure. Focusing communicative grammar teaching, this presents several challenges, such as the availability of teaching materials, ease of access, and the use of relevant teaching materials.

University students learning grammar usually access teaching materials provided by teachers. The teachers, in turn, cannot avail themselves the availability and accessibility of relevant and authentic communicative grammar teaching supported by the university to prepare and develop communicative teaching grammar activities in classes. For example, the university should have provided free and regular internet access, supported relevant and updated grammar books and articles, and accessed to free computing and printing facilities. Even though the Internet access is freely supplied, books, articles, computing and printing facilities are yet accounted for. In addition to ease of access, all grammar materials are not traceable to all grammar teachers due to material-made individuals. In other words, the teachers create the materials based on personal references, computing and printing facilities-privileged classroom materials, and self-funded supports. This, in fact, affects the use of resources in a language program, in which the program indicates less adequate textbooks, no access to libraries, and weak educational support systems. Consequently, learners face isolation and marginalisation. The learners will differently study the availability of teacher’s materials and accessibility of program supports.

The challenges to access decent materials and delicate language programs are our primary concern dealing with the provision of communicative grammar teaching care services. As a result, PPBI (Language Center for the development of teaching-learning English language) have sent their teaching staff several times to IALF (Indonesia-Australia Language Foundation) in Bali to upgrade their teaching-learning language capacity, namely pre-service teacher training and systematic professional development programs for in-service English teachers in UIN MALIKI (Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang). Until recently, all English teachers of PPBI-UIN MALIKI have received their pre-service training at IALF, Bali. Admission to IALF language development programs is apparently granted after a competitive entrance test, including written and interview phases.

In a nutshell, communicative language teaching (CLT) on grammar is liable to probe language skills, as the language proficiency gradually grows in the availability of relevant language materials, the ease of access into language program supports, and the adequate use of language program resources. CLT does benefit from Audio-Lingualism and PPP, which focus on language power with less language functions. We, finally, open our mind to start off with communicative legacy. By the end of this even semester academic year 2014-2015, we will have worked on language functions to elevate their intensity and quality to the improvement of academic integrity.

In March 2015, ELC and Pearson publishers had joined to hold workshop that was attended by a hundred and twenty teachers and lecturers from all east java, Bali, and Lombok. The workshop was aimed to improve the teaching competence by using appropriate teaching techniques and book to students. Also, the workshop was aimed to show the importance of local wisdom to be inserted in the students’ handbook to make the learning easier and understandable. Hence, periplus as the publishers provided example of chapters in the published books that possibly show the better view on how better book should be existed and useful to help lecturers and teachers to improve students’ English competence. (aim)

New English Parade Middle East Level 1 Students’ Book sample