National Workshop “Incorporating Local Needs into Classroom Practice


Indonesian Islamic school teachers have been successful in acknowledging local needs in English teaching. Their success comes from teachers’ hard work in making adjustments to the lessons. A set of classroom resources can be pedagogically great only if teachers deploy their effort in making it suitable locally. On the other hand, local resources may need more English exposures to reach the intended language objectives.

Further, on Saturday, 28 March 2015, Famous publisher, Pearson Education, came and held workshop in Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang as the result of awesome cooperation with English Language Center. The workshop was entitled “Incorporating Local Needs into Classroom Practice” which was attended by 198 teachers from elementary (MI-Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) level and primary (MTs – Madrasah Tsanawiyah & MA – Madrasah Aliyah) level from various cities in East Java, Bali, and Lombok. The participants were enjoying the workshop presentation which was guided by ELT Consultant of Pearson Education Indonesia, Ali Al Jufry, as one of Person principle in Indonesia. The presentation was preceded by acknowledging each other with creating names crossword as exemplified in slides. Each participant had to move around meeting seven others to complete his/her crossword. The fastest completed crossword maker would be granted one of new comer exclusive edition book from Pearson Education.

Mr. Jufry with his humble personality brought all workshop participants to the joyful reading practices with a lot of interactive strategies and teaching method that the materials were taken from a sample chapter in costumed Pearson Book. The book was developed in order to bring the local values which before had been hindered with the raising of western book that actually not 100% suitable for Indonesia students.  Moreover, he also introduced new English skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) testing software, Versant Test, that made teacher and students check their proficiency whenever and wherever they wanted.

Instead of those great things, there was surprise from Prof. Dr. H. Mudjia Rahardjo, M.Si., and Dr. H. Agus Maimun, M.Pd., in the middle of their busy hours after attending UIN Malang Graduation ceremony in the same day, they greet participants, Pearson Indonesia Education Consultant Manager – Mr. Gromico , and Java Books Eduction Division Manager – Mr. Stephen Haryanto. Finally, the other mutual workshop and cooperation between Pearson Indonesia, Java Books, and ELC – UIN Malang had been signed which the only purpose was to develop the sustainable integrative Islamic-science education by incorperating local needs in various levels of education. (AIM).


UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang and IALF Bali have signed Mutual Cooperation since 2014 until 2017 to hold English upgrading program in IALF Bali for General English and CLIL programs. In order to provide best services and fit both institution goals, UIN Malang representatives consisted of English Upgrading committee and budgeting and planning staff hold meeting with IALF Bali Managers and staff. They discuss about the result of both preceding GE and CLIL program in 2014 and their evaluation, also the future similar program. The principals of IALF Bali accepted UIN Malang proposal in order to maintain the existed transparent communication regarding funding, program planning, and evaluation result. “We, UIN Malang, have prepared the budgeting for 2015 English Upgrading program in IALF Bali” said Mr. Ridwan the head of budgeting and planning bureau. (aim)