Warm greeting has been delivered by Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang from Bali since the fourth period of CLIL English training program in IALF Bali started on 23th February 2015. Dr. H. M. Zainuddin, MA as the first Vice Rector of UIN Malang together with Ibu Caroline Bentley as IALF Bali Manager opened the welcoming ceremony for CLIL participants as the sign that the CLIL training program will be conducted on 23 Feb – 19 March 2015. This agenda is the continuation of the MOU between UIN Malang and IALF for holding English Training program for GE (General English) program, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) program, and ETS (English Training for Staff) program.

Dr. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd., the Language Center director, stated that there are 15 lecturers from UIN Malang that are joining CLIL programs. They had passed tough tests including written test, structure test, and interview test. The participants are coming from all faculties and unit in Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang since this program aimed to support the university to the World Class University. Furthermore, as the MEA 2015 has been issued, hopefully all Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang lecturers are certified as the international lecturers and are able to share their knowledge to other universities overseas. (aim)

Kepada Yth.
Seluruh Calon Peserta CLIL
Di IALF Bali

Berikut kami beritahukan peserta pelatihan CLIL yang dinyatakan lolos Placement Test IALF Bali dimana:

1. Wajib menghadiri pengarahan pimpinan dan briefing pra-pelatihan pada Jum’at, 20 Februari 2015 pukul 09.30 di Ruang Pertemuan LPMP lantai 4 Gedung Rektorat.

2. Pelaksanaan pelatihan CLIL pada tanggal 23 Februari 2015 hingga 19 Maret 2015.

Adapun calon peserta GE (General English) yang dinyatakan lolos akan kami umumkan setelah verifikasi data peserta telah selesai dari IALF Bali.

Demikian informasi ini kami sampaikan. Terima kasih.



Happiness appeared on Iffatun Nida (the chief of writers of Landscape) face since the hard and long struggle of ELC English magazine publication is finally paid. The magazine called Landscape has been launched officially in language laboratory and the event was attended by all ELC lecturers and of course the director of ELC Dr. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd. since then, the new look and style will be kept by the magazine to reach all levels of readers. (aim)

Dear IALF Training Candidates,

Due to the tight selection after the placement test on 12-15 January 2015 in which the committees are considering various factors, the announcement of the successful candidates has been delayed at last in the third week of February. The training departure also will be delayed into 23 February 2015. We will announce soon via website, letter to all Deans, and flayers in our office. For further information, feel free to contact us (081808304480-Afif). Thank you.