Afif Ikhwanul M

Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang

Another English Center path was created by holding Curriculum Development on the Teaching of English for Specific Purposes workshop on April 29, 2014 in Meeting Room on the second floor of Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang library building. This was showing the serious effort of the institution to set up and innovate better academic curriculum in which primarily aimed to provide the best service to the stakeholder, users-students, and companies. In order to get great input and  improvement, English Center had invited Prof. Hj. Utami Widiati, M.A, Ph.D. as the expert on Curriculum Development especially English for Specific Purposes (ESP). On the other hand, she has written many journals, articles, and so does book with the topic of Curriculum.

The workshop was so inspiring since all the participants were attracted by the theoretical framework of how to develop English for Specific Curriculum (ESP) properly. The 140 participants who are coming from various universities such as: Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang, Muhammadiyah Malang University, Jember Polytechnic, STKIP Kediri, STKIP Blitar, State University of Malang, Brawijaya University, and many more were enthusiastically asked and shared their experiences and knowledge in developing ESP curriculum. Furthermore, the professor explained the three importance aspects of building curriculum, they are: understanding the basis theory of ESP, surveying needs by doing need assessments, and deciding the graduate competence standards.

After about three hours explanation, the professor started to review the existed curriculum including the theoretical background, the syllabus, the course outline, and the chosen materials from all departments in Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang. She responded that English Center ESP curriculum was already in the right track. Only on certain points such as the specification of the indicators must be specified for each semester, the assessment must be matched with the indicators, and the text type sharing must be matched with each department where ESP is taught. Moreover those input were really beneficial which made the English Center stakeholders and lecturers to develop better curriculum.

The next agenda after Dzuhur prayer, all participants were asked to have discussion in each faculty consortium to formulate the standard syllabus, materials, assessment, and sources for four English skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. During the discussion the professor assisted us and suggested us for improvement. We were so happy since in the end we produced the new original developed curriculum. (AIM).