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Upgrading the Self Concept of Human Resources

Self concept is all perception about our physical, psychological and social aspects which is the result from past experiences and interaction with other people. Brian Tracy stated that self concept has three main parts, that is self-ideal, self-image, self esteem.

Firstly, Self ideal discusses about willingness, dreams, vision, idol. It is derived from the good values, attitudes from yourself or others respectable peoples. The ideal form of idol or hero will influence attitudes. Secondly, Self image shows your way of behavior in some situation. The strenght of self image will improve the improvement of life. Thirdly, self-esteem shows your love towards yourself. The more you love yourself the better your action in the work will be and the better of your performance, the more you love yourself will be. It deals with the emotional intellegence of  behavior. Such as the way of your thinking,  feeling, and behave.

The process of self concept establishment depends to the habitual way of thingking. The good attitudes can be nurtured and developed by changing the way of thinking; determine a clear reason of self development, recognize the potency of your way of thinking, Identify the barrier that block your self development, brave to take a risk, find a continous feedback, trials and errors, and a continous evaluation.

Learning English by changing the learners’ self concept will simplify English mastery. Changing the way of thinking that English is a business communication in AEC will give a better contribution for the future life. This statement will affect the feeling and the thinking of English as the need or future investation for every Indonesian people.



Wednesday, 15 October 2014, English Center held an awesome guest lecture under the title “English Learning Strategy” which was presented y Rinjani Bonavidi, M.Ed., Ph.D.. The agenda was held in the 3rd floor Hall of C building or Language Center building that started at 08.00 up to 12.00. This guest lecture was initiated by the director of English Language Center (ELC), Dr. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd., observation on students’ English speaking motivation that sometimes need to be improved. Moreover, he invited all students in Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang to join this program. Then, more or less around 400 students attended and participate actively in the program.

The agenda was started by the ceremonial opening by the director of ELC and continued to the introduction of the guest lecture speaker. After that, Rinjani Bonavidi, M.Ed., Ph.D. started questioning students about their aims to join this program. Amazingly, most of them stated that they were attracted by the program title “English Learning Strategy” and they wanted to enhance their English competence ability. This answer encourages the speaker’s motivation to start explaining and share her experience in Australia. (aim)