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The Joy of Speaking with English in Ramadhan (ERA)

ERA – English in Ramadhan has been launched since the second week of Ramadhan for the three weeks program. This is aimed as the medium for participants to improve their bravery, motivation, pronunciation, intonation, gesture, and vocabulary in speaking for daily communication. The program targeted two levels, they are Junior class that is followed by high schools students and senior class which is filled by university students, professionals, and lecturers. The good news, many participants are joining this program who come from various universities and schools in Malang city, such as: MTSN Malang, MAN 1 and MAN 3 Malang, MIN, University of Brawijaya, State University of Malang, and UIN Malang.

The variety of participants in class sometimes becomes the burden for teacher to teach in order to achieve the goal, but ERA finds that the various background brought by participants make the class activity alive. They wanted to know each other and talked more and more though the speaking prompt had been filled completely. Comments from the teachers show that they loved their classes and all were well motivated to conduct each activity. Then, the participants mentioned that they hope for the upcoming program after Ied Fitri for their better English speaking achievement. At the end, this successful program brings Training and Publication Division optimism in future as part of its support to Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang as World Class University through English Language Center. (aim)

IELTS Speaking and TOEFL Training for PBSB UIN Malang Students

English Language Center achieved its another honor and trust from Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang stakeholder that was Students Affair Bureau in order to provide IELTS Speaking and TOEFL training for PBSB students (Students who get scholarship for their capability to memorize Holy Qur’an). The schedule was conducted for five days each week for three weeks. The teaching materials were separated into IELTS speaking on Monday, listening on Tuesday and Friday, reading on Wednesday, and structure on Thursday. The tutors are the ELC lecturers who have had many experiences in IELTS and TOEFL. The great news, the participants TOEFL test scores were satisfactory achieving advance level. In the future, Dr. H. Langgeng Budianto, M.Pd. had made coordination with Training and Publication Division to set following up program which maybe in the form of English Pesantren, or English Camp. (aim)